Posted on January 25, 2024 by Richard Stone
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During the recent pandemic when the housing market went crazy, you really needed to be a cash buyer or immediately proceedable to stand a chance of being able to secure a purchase.  The market last year showed a significant slowdown given all the well documented headwinds and it was easier for buyers who weren’t able to proceed immediately to partake in the market.  That being said, there are always plenty of buyers who are lucky enough to have the funds to proceed without having to sell their own properties first and the nicest and well priced properties will always draw the most interest.  The proceedable buyers are ready and able to pounce and non-proceedable buyers still face missing out.

A lot of people we deal with are in the fortunate position to have substantial equity in their own homes or, in their businesses/investment accounts and there are many ways of being able to use this equity to put yourself in a much better buying position.  There are now many innovative ways to borrow against your own home or investments and while it is generally considered the costs for doing so can be prohibitive, you might be surprised by how affordable it could be to put yourself in a better position to take advantage of the right opportunity when it comes along.

If you are thinking of your next move but are reluctant to place your own property on the market, we have partnered with a firm of bespoke advisors who are able to help asset rich (but cash restricted applicants) to secure funding to buy their next property.  This allows you to compete for the best properties and helps reduce the stresses often involved in trying to tie a sale and purchase together.